Sachin Grover

Yochan Lab, Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science @ Arizona State University, Tempe

sachin.grover @ asu . edu

Curriculum Vitae

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I am Sachin Grover, a Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Subbarao Kambhampati. My Ph.D. is oriented towards designing Human-Aware AI techniques using Automated Task Planning for collaboration in Human-Robot teams.

I did my Masters at Arizona State University, advised by Prof. Kurt VanLehn, on learning human mental model while a student interact with an Intelligent Tutoring System. I completed my Bachelors at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India (NITR).

:point_right: Currently, I am looking for full-time opportunities in Research+Engineering roles.

Research Interest: Human-Aware AI, Human-AI collaboration, Automated Task Planning, Multi-Agent Systems.


My research focuses on designing human-aware techniques and systems through interaction, where the automated system collaborates with active human teammates. The interaction can be in the form of providing support or refining the human’s mental model using AI planning (Automated Task Planning) techniques or machine learning methods. Currently, I am interested in developing industrial solutions for human-aware systems using AI based insights. My work has been published in referreed journals (HCI, IEEE, Taylor & Francis etc.), and several peer reviewed conferences (AI & Education AIED, Naturalistic Decision Making NDM etc.) and workshops (Explainability and AI ICAPS XAIP, ML for Public Health NEURIPS MLPH) etc. List of my publications can be checked below.



    COVID-19 India Dataset: Parsing COVID-19 Data in Daily Health Bulletins from States in India
    Agarwal, Mayank, Chakraborti, Tathagata, Grover, Sachin, and Chaudhary, Arunima
    Neurips MLPH, arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.02311 2021
  2. Patent
    Compression of machine learned models
    Strimel, Grant, and Grover, Sachin


  1. HCI special issue
    RADAR: automated task planning for proactive decision support
    Grover, Sachin, Sengupta, Sailik, Chakraborti, Tathagata, Mishra, Aditya Prasad, and Kambhampati, Subbarao
    Human–Computer Interaction 2020
    Model elicitation through direct questioning
    Grover, Sachin, Smith, David, and Kambhampati, Subbarao
    ICAPS XAIP, arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.12262 2020
  3. Patent
    Compression of machine learned models
    Strimel, Grant, and Grover, Sachin


  1. HRI
    Plan Explanations as Model Reconciliation -- An Empirical Study
    In 2019 14th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) 2019
  2. NDM
    iPass: A case study of the effectiveness of automated planning for decision support
    Grover, Sachin, Sengupta, Sailik, Chakraborti, Tathagata, Mishra, Aditya Prasad, and Kambhampati, Subbarao
    Naturalistic Decision Making 2019


    What can automated planning do for intelligent tutoring systems
    ICAPS SPARK 2018
    How should knowledge composed of schemas be represented in order to optimize student model accuracy?
    Grover, Sachin, Wetzel, Jon, and VanLehn, Kurt
    In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education 2018


  1. IEEE
    Learning How to Construct Models of Dynamic Systems: An Initial Evaluation of the Dragoon Intelligent Tutoring System
    VanLehn, Kurt, Wetzel, Jon, Grover, Sachin, and Sande, Brett van de
    IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 2017
  2. The design and development of the dragoon intelligent tutoring system for model construction: lessons learned
    Wetzel, Jon, VanLehn, Kurt, Butler, Dillan, Grover, Sachin, Butler, Dillan, Chaudhari, Pradeep, Desai, Avaneesh, Feng, Jingxian, Joiner, Reid, Kong-Sivert, Mackenzie, Patade, Vallabh, Samala, Ritesh, Tiwari, Megha, and Sande, Brett
    Interactive Learning Environments 2017


    Learning science by constructing models: can dragoon increase learning without increasing the time required?
    VanLehn, Kurt, Chung, Greg, Grover, Sachin, Madni, Ayesha, and Wetzel, Jon
    International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education 2016


  1. Thesis
    Online Embedded Assessment for Dragoon, Intelligent Tutoring System
    Grover, Sachin


  1. IEEE
    Text Extraction from Document Images Using Edge Information
    Grover, Sachin, Arora, Kushal, and Mitra, Suman K.
    In 2009 Annual IEEE India Conference 2009